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What We Do

*You must be able to remain focused and attentive for long periods of time. During progress, raids will require hours of high level performance and we will expect all raid members to listen to their role and the overall strategy. Leaving the computer or other forms of AFK when assignments/roles are being handed out is not tolerated.

*You must be able to adapt to the guild and get along. We encourage individuals to get to know other members especially that of your own class. While raiding is business time and you are expected to be at your best, outside of raid times most of the members are constantly sitting on VC or in game socializing and we encourage you to do the same.

*You have an advanced understanding of your class and the encounters during progression. As an applicant, you must illustrate expertise in your class. We are concerned with performance, anything you can do to understand your class and the mechanics of WHY you are using the advice you are given. We also do recommend you collaborating with others in your same role, especially your class leader.

*You must be committed. Members will be expected to come to raids on time prepared with needed materials (consumables, profession specific items, etc.) and have new/existing gear properly enchanted.

*You must be able to accept constructive criticism. You must realize that you may under perform at some point and must be able to deal with the levels of criticism that result. While we will call you out on your mistakes you will also be provided with guidance in order to correct those mistakes. Then if they continue to happen you will be replaced in the raid by someone willing to correct your defaults.

*You need to have a stable internet connection and a quality computer. You will disclose these details in the application, we do not tolerate repeated hardware/software issues that impair the raid.

*All raiders are required to perform at their up-most potential at all times. This includes beings ready to farm world dragons, Silithus bugs, or Black Lotus nodes for multiple hours at a time during random points of the day.

*Discord is required. Microphones are required for certain raid and guild positions.

Who We Are

Officers will be held to a more active playing schedule than an already extremely active raider. This means things like leveling multiple characters, having multiple accounts, always being prepared for themselves and others, being way ahead of the curve in content and gear, being extremely active and competitive in pvp and consistent with community communications.

Daily tasks for a normal raider will be things like logging in daily to keep track of guild progress and consistent discord communications. Saying hi to other players and checking the mail. Then sitting in Ironforge on an epic mount for a few hours followed by some farming and sleep, maybe some pvp with the boys first tho. Also being involved in world activities.