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Prestigious Example Applications

What previous WoW experience do you have? Be as detailed or short as you would like.

Ive played since Vanilla. I was an officer in TBC and played off and on since. I havent been a big fan of retail WoW for quite some time. I always get into early raiding and then lose my interest. Most people solo everything and you usually only have a couple people that you play with on a daily basis. Everyone else just does their own thing no one works together anymore for a bigger goal. I have been a raid leader and can't really remember a time where I wasn't an officer or higher as Im a team player that goes out of his way to get people to a place that benefits the guild. Be it gear/ spec /rotations.

What are your goals for Classic WoW?
To once again be apart of a community in the game that has fun where everyone knows everyone. I would like to Tank as a warrior and my goals for that would be to obtain thunderfury and the scarab lord title as I missed out on that way back when.

Are you able to commit a large amount of time to the game when necessary?

Do you plan to move quickly throughout the leveling process and stay ahead of the curve? The plan is to be progressing through raid content by week two.
I plan on leveling as fast as a warrior could back then, I've been doing a lot of research in proper leveling routes to make it as efficient as I can.

Raid times will be 9-1130PM EST Tues/Wed/Thurs. I'm pushing heavy for day time raids on content release days. Which may require you to be off work. Does this interest you? Are you able to make a day time raid when required?
Yes i can make those time

I am looking for dedicated individuals who know they want to play for a long time to come. I know however life is life and not everyone can play all the time, things come up. Sometimes we miss a day, a week or vanish for a year. What ever happens know that once you are in this guild you are always welcome to return at any time and you can call this place home. Don't expect a free instant raid slot, but this guild is here to stay and veteran returning players are always a welcome joy to reminisce with.

Supporting each other in game is a big goal throughout the leveling process. To not only level quickly but also protect and support each other will give us an edge above the normal curve of players. It will also be fun. Showing support to someone who is being camped will strengthen the bonds between the members of our guild and will allow our guild name to be boldly recognized as an organized and respected killing machine. Every member of our guild, no matter how quiet or loud, deserves the support and respect from our other guild members who are able to respond to a situation at the time. Support does not only mean helping someone in a pvp situation. As a starting guild helping each other by means of providing gear, materials, pots or a few minutes of time will again help us stretch above the competition and continue to build team morale.

As a member of the guild you are expected to adhere to a common courtesy law. Assholes and miserable people be warned, you have no place here. 18+

Do you agree with this statement? Thoughts? Is this you?

Absolutely, anything can happen to anyone at any time. A heads up is always appreciated though. I also agree that returning players regardless of popularity should not be given an instant access back in to the raid unless a raid spot happens to be available. I would also like to add that it is important to be patient especially when it comes to gear, as not a whole lot dropped back then and If your the type that needs a piece of loot every run you might want to rethink playing classic. Often times you might even be asked to pass on a piece of loot that would be more beneficial to another player thats just how it was. I would also like to add that helping someone in need when they are being camped should be a must for a guild as chances are no one else would but also be there when someone needs help farming a particular piece of gear. For example, Ironfoe and many others. Having farming groups and getting people they're BIS pre raid items will help us succeed and get an edge on the other guilds.